segunda-feira, março 01, 2004

Crítico musical

Como sempre, o David descobre grandes links. Não encontrei a apreciação feita pelo nosso crítico digital de Velvet Underground & Nico (também conhecido por álbum da banana), mas fica aqui a do álbum VU (que por acaso até nem é muito bom):

"The sound of that bloke in your office who hums to himself continuously oblivious to the number of people who plot to fill his mouth and nose with cement on a daily basis is nothing compared to the dire I Cant Stand It. You've probably guessed that I don't like Nico very much. It's due to being assaulted by things like the slow ticking noise of your concrete boots setting after stupidly refusing to do business with that nice Italian family firm, or Stephanie Says as it is known on the back of CD. Like the last gasp of a boiling lobster, track 3, Shes My Best Friend is a perversion that may actually appeal to a small group of sick fucks hiding in a basement somewhere in Illinois. Track 6, Foggy Notion is about as hip as my father's attempts at the Lambada. It's a vision of hell that not many people live to see, I promise you. Like KPMG's corporate anthem (look it up, it's fab), track 7, Temptation Inside Your Heart should not be played to the vulnerable. Or those with ears. The chorus of track ten, Im Sticking With You will haunt me for years to come, sounding as it does like the little pop and splash that comes before the scream after accidentally lodging a knitting needle in your eye.
In fact, I'm unable to understand how people can pay money to be tortured in this way."

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